Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League first impression

Finishing missions and side quests can reward players with weapons, shields, and augments. However, most of the weapons in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League work well against all enemies, making them similar and lacking distinctiveness.


The game has a lot of cutscenes that look great. The characters' faces show emotions really well,with excellent animation and artwork.and the sounds look good too. 


Choosing Unreal Engine 4 instead of 5 helps keep the requirements lower, which means the game should run better on many different types of computers.

Technical performance  

Currently, with the campaign being the main focus and not much endgame content, it's disappointing. The game isn't bad, but the lack of different missions and some other small issues make it less enjoyable. 

Overall experience   

Playable Characters In Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

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