Valorant Voice Actors: Agent Cast Part - 1

Announcer: Cynthia Kaye McWilliam McWilliams' voice frequently announces game updates, including Ace notifications.

Astra: Effie Nkrumah Effie Nkrumah voices Astra, the perfect match for the Agent.

Breach: David Menkin David Menkin voices Breach, a talented actor with diverse roles.

Brimstone: Steve Blum Steve Blum's iconic deep voice matches Brimstone's attitude.

Chamber: Hugo Pierre Martin Hugo Pierre Martin voices Chamber and appears in Westworld.

Cypher: Nabil Elouahabi Nabil Elouahabi's smooth voice brings Cypher to life.

Fade: Selin Cuhadaroglu Selin Cuhadaroglu voices the perfect Turkish Agent, Fade.

Gekko: Alejandro Antonio Ruiz Alejandro Antonio Ruiz is a Los Angeles-based voice actor who lent his voice to the friendly and playful character of Gekko in Valorant.

Harbor: Sunil Malhotra Sunil Malhotra voices Harbor in Valorant, having previously worked with Riot on League of Legends and more

Jett: Shannon William K-Pop star Shannon Williams voices Jett, and she plays Valorant and streams it.

KAY/O: Gabe Kunda Gabe Kunda voices KAY/O in Valorant and has dubbed for anime and Call of Duty.

Killjoy: Eva Feiler Eva Feiler voices Valorant's German engineer, also owning her signature jacket.


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