Valorant voice actors: Agent Cast Part - 2

Neon: Vanille Velasquez Vanille Velasquez from Manila voices Valorant's Neon, as well as League of Legends' Zeri and Jelly from Jelly, Ben and Pogo.

Omen: Jason Marnocha American actor Jason Marnocha voices Omen in Valorant. He is also known for anime dubs and WoW's Shadowlands.

Phoenix: Afolabi Alli Afolabi Alli's iconic jokes bring Phoenix to life in Valorant. He's acted in British TV shows and This Is Hell mini-series.

Raze: Carolina Ravassa Carolina Ravassa voices Raze in Valorant and Sombra in Overwatch. She's also featured in GTA V, Just Cause 4, and Cyberpunk 2077.

Reyna: Karina Altamirano Karina Altamirano shines as Reyna, her breakout role as a voice actor.

Sage: Naomi Yang Naomi Yang voices Sage, the Chinese Sentinel in Valorant. With prior experience in TV and movies, this is her first video game role.

Skye: Miranda O’Hare Miranda O'Hare voices the Australian eco-warrior in Valorant. Popular on TikTok, she also streams and appeared on Home and Away.

Sova: Aaron Vodovoz Aaron Vodovoz voices Sova in Valorant, a no-nonsense Russian scout. With a 20-year career, Vodovoz has a bright future ahead, including The King's Man.

Viper: Ashly Burch Ashly Burch's iconic lines as Viper in Valorant made her famous. She's a seasoned voice actor, a writer on Adventure Time

Yoru: Daisuke Takahashi Daisuke Takahashi's first video game role is Yoru in Valorant. He has previously worked on various anime series, such as "Wake Up, Girls!" and "DEVILMAN: Crybaby."

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