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Jonathan gaming real name

Jonathan Gaming

Jonathan Amaral, professionally known as jonathan gaming, is an accomplished indian esport player renowned for his skill in battlegrounds mobile india (BGMI). Notably he secured prestigious second place in the esports mobile players of the year category during the acclaimed 2022 esports award. Adding to his accolades, Amaral has been appointed as the esteemed brand ambassador for fan clash, a distinguished esports fantasy platform.


Jonathan gaming Real name–Career

 Amaral embarked on his esports journey with Entity, a prominent team in the esports circuit, and has now joined the prestigious Godlike Esports. His exceptional talent earned him a spot to represent India at the highly anticipated 2021 PUBG Mobile Global Championship despite his commendable fourth-place finish at the BGIS 2021 tournament. Notably, at the 2020 PMIS Semifinals, Amaral achieved an astonishing 16 kills, setting the record for the highest individual kill count ever witnessed in a tournament.

Amaral, along with a group of Indian streamers and content creators, made a formal request to BGMI to take strict action against cheaters on the platform. While 7Sea Esports extended an offer for Amaral to join their team, he politely declined due to coordination challenges. In light of the recent ban on BGMI by the Government of India, Amaral approached Krafton to discuss the future of the game, expressing his concerns and seeking clarity.

 Jonathan gaming Facts: 

  • Jonathan is an adept player who utilizes a unique technique involving the use of two fingers and full gyro control with his thumb. 
  • Dynamo, Jonathan, and Kronten teamed up for an unforgettable advertisement featuring Arshad Warsi during the exciting launch of BGMI
  •  Jonathan has a deep love for English music, with a fondness for popular English songs. Dive into the musical world of captivating English music with Jonathan


“I have a dream. That one day, I want to be a world champion”

Jonathan pubg

Jonathan gaming Real name | Wiki Bio:

Real name

Jonathan Amaral


21 September 2002,(age 21 as of 2002) Goa, India

Current team 

GodLike Esports




Battlegrounds Mobile India PUBG Mobile

Playing Career

2018- Present

Personal info:



Net-worth in 2023 

$260K (2 Crore INR)

Monthly Income 

5-8 Lakh 



Jude Amaral


Leticia Noronha


Lerisa Amaral (Elder)

Social ID:











Jonathan Gaming Net Worth

With his passion and hard work in gaming, Jonathan makes around $5,000 to $7,000 per month. His main income sources are Google AdSense, tournament matches, and sponsorships. His total net worth is approximately $100,000.

Jonathan Career Achievements

  • He was the winner of the Pubg Mobile Club Open South Asia tournament in 2019
  • He won the first prize in the Pubg Mobile India series in 2020
  • He was a second-prize winner in the Pubg Mobile Pro League South Asia finals tournament in 2020
  • Jonathan is the second prize holder in the Gamers Without Borders Asia tournament in 2020.

Jonathan Favorites

  • Jonathan’s favorite pubg player is scout
  • His favorite sportsperson is virat kohli
  • Gujarati food is his favorite food
  • Salman Khan and Deepika Padukone are his favorite actors and actress
  • His hobbies are traveling and gaming

The video below is one of the best gameplays of Jonathan’s gaming until now.


 Jonathan Gaming, a dedicated player of PUBG and BGMI, has been actively engaged with these games since the inception of his channel. His unwavering commitment stems from his remarkable talent, making him stand out as one of the absolute best players in the gaming community. With his exceptional proficiency, not only has he experienced significant growth as a streamer but also as a YouTuber, solidifying his expertise in the field. His continued dedication to gaming and consistent focus on delivering high-quality content have garnered him a loyal and ever-growing audience.


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Frequently Asked Questions On Jonathan


What Was The Absolute Low Point Of His Gaming Journey?

Having pubg banned marked the lowest point of his gaming journey


What Is Jonathan’s Gyroscope Sensitivity

1.3rd Person No Scope – 300%, 2.1st Person No Scope – 100%, 3.Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist 300%, 4.2x Scope 300%, 5.3x Scope, Win94 240%, 6.4x Scope, VSS 235%, 7.6x Scope 210%, 8.8x Scope 80%


What Is The Meaning of The Name Jonathan?

The name Jonathan, of Hebrew origin, carries the beautiful meaning of “God has given.” It is derived from the longer variations, Jehonathan or yehōnātān, signifying Yahweh’s graciousness. Yahweh, the deity revered by the Israelites, unveiled His name to Moses in the form of four Hebrew consonants.
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