Undisputed Boxing Game: The Most Anticipated Boxing Game of the Year | 2023

Steel City Interactive is developing Undisputed, a highly anticipated boxing video game, “Undisputed Boxing Game.” The anticipated Game is set to launch the eagerly awaited Game is set to release in the fourth quarter of 2023, available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC platforms.

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An experienced team of developers, who have previously contributed to acclaimed boxing games like Fight Night Champion and Creed: Rise to Glory, are currently developing Undisputed. The expertise and skills they bring to the table ensure that this Game will be a remarkable addition to the genre. The Game strives to be the most realistic and immersive boxing game ever created.

What Sets Undisputed Boxing Game Apart from Other Boxing Games?

Undisputed stands out from other boxing games in several ways.

First, Experience an immersive boxing adventure with our state-of-the-art technology! Encounter dynamic footwork, powerful punches, and surprises at every turn. Step into the ring for an authentic boxing experience.

Second, Undisputed will feature cutting-edge AI. The Game’s AI will be able to learn and adapt to the player’s fighting style. This implies that as the player progresses, the AI will become more challenging.

Third, Undisputed will feature stunning graphics and animations. The Game’s graphics and animations are among the best seen in a boxing game. This will help to create a truly immersive and realistic boxing experience for the player.

What Features Does Undisputed Boxing Game Game Have?

Undisputed will have several features, including:

Career mode: In career mode, players can create boxers and guide them from amateur to professional status. The player will be able to compete in various tournaments and fights, as well as train and improve their boxer’s skills.

Multiplayer mode: In multiplayer mode, players can compete against each other online or offline. A wide range of boxers is available, from licensed professionals to custom-created characters.

Create-a-boxer mode: Players can create their custom boxer in create-a-boxer mode. Players can customize their boxer’s physical appearance, fighting style, and skills.

Women’s division: Undisputed will be the first boxing video game to feature a women’s division. The player will be able to choose from a variety of female boxers, as well as create their custom female fighter.

When Will Undisputed Be Released?

Undisputed will be released on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC in Q4 2023. The precise date of release is still pending announcement.

Why is Undisputed the Most Anticipated Boxing Game of the Year?

There are several reasons why Undisputed is the most anticipated boxing game of the year:

  • The Game is being developed by a team of experienced developers who have worked on previous boxing games.
  • The Game aims to be the most realistic and immersive boxing game ever created.
  • The Game will offer an assortment of gameplay modes, encompassing career, multiplayer, and create-a-boxer options, providing players with diverse and immersive experiences.
  • Experience the captivating world of gaming on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. Immerse yourself in an opportunity to explore cutting-edge consoles and high-performance PCs, allowing for an unparalleled gaming experience.

When Will It Be Released To Xbox?

The people making Undisputed have said many times that they want to bring the game to Xbox, but right now, they’re concentrating on the PC version. They haven’t set a date for when Undisputed will come to consoles yet. Also, remember that the game just started on Steam Early Access, so it might be a long time before it’s ready for consoles.

Steel City Interactive, the company making the game, has just shared a plan for new content coming to Undisputed in 2023 for PC players. This suggests that it might not be until 2024 before we see it on Xbox. So, we might have to wait a bit longer (you could still enjoy Fight Night Champion on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for now), but we’re eager to see how Undisputed improves and becomes a top game in its genre. We’ve been waiting a long time for a game like this on Xbox!

Undisputed Boxing Game System Requirements

Recommended Requirements

Operating system

Windows 10


Intel i7 9700k


16 gb ram


Nvidia geforce rtx 3070


40 gb 

Sound card

100% direct x 12

Minimum Requirements

Operating system

Windows 8


Intel i5 7500


8 gb ram


Amd rx 590 


40 gb 

Sound card

100% direct x 11

Watch this video to understand undisputed boxing game gameplay.


Undisputed is a highly anticipated boxing video game that will please fans of the genre. With its realistic physics, advanced AI, and stunning visuals, Undisputed is set to be the most immersive boxing game ever created.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Undisputed Boxing Game

Can You Make Your Boxer in Undisputed?

In the career mode, players can utilize their custom boxer or select one of the Game’s licensed fighters. This mode involves assembling a team consisting of a manager, coach, and cutman. Once the unit is established, players must skillfully negotiate fights and diligently train for upcoming bouts.


How Do You Evade Undisputed?

1. Weave and Guard – Hold L2 and R2. 2. Plant the feet and slip punches – click and hold down the L stick to slip a boxer’s punches. 3. Back and Side Stepping – Quickly hit away twice to back away from the opponent. Quickly tap up or down the side step left or right in the ring.


How Does Stamina Work In Undisputed?

The Stamina section consists of two bars: a temporary gauge in white and a permanent gauge highlighted in black. As the black gauge bar expands, the boxer’s stamina gradually decreases. While the white bar replenishes quickly during inaction, the black bar does not. Therefore, it is crucial to prioritize the maintenance of a boxer’s stamina.


Does The Game Undisputed Have a Career Mode?

Besides commencing your career mode with licensed fighters, you have the thrilling opportunity to create your player from scratch, utilizing captivating features showcased in the exciting hype trailer.


How do you Make Money as a Boxer?

Boxers have multiple avenues for generating income, such as fight fees based on their ratings and popularity, as well as earnings from boxing event promotions. Additionally, they may receive wages from a contracted promotion company. Furthermore, boxers can enhance their skills while earning money by participating in sparring sessions.


What is The Difference Between casual and Simulation in Undisputed Boxing?

Casual has HUD and simple High block and Low block. The simulation setting has No HUD and 6axis blocking.

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