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Meet Sweet Anita, a talented Twitch streamer and YouTuber who has won hearts with her captivating content and inspiring journey of living with Tourette’s syndrome. Born on July 28th, 1990, in East Anglia, England, Anita was raised by a single mother and faced financial struggles early on. Her family moved to South West England, where she took on significant caregiving responsibilities due to her mother’s illness. Despite the challenges, Anita gained fame for her gaming streams and unique approach to raising awareness about Tourette’s. Her incredible story is sure to leave you spellbound. Join famousprogamer as we delve into her fascinating wiki bio blog and discover the rising star that is Sweet Anita.

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An English Twitch streamer and YouTuber, Sweet Anita was born on July 28, 1990. A single mother in East Anglia raised her but later moved to South West England. Anita started streaming on Twitch in 2018, focusing mainly on gaming content, particularly Overwatch. Her outbursts, which were profanity-laden due to her tics, gained her popularity, and clips of them went viral. In 2018, Anita was named one of the most influential people in video games by Variety.

At the age of 27, Anita received a diagnosis of Tourette’s syndrome, which included the rare symptom of coprolalia. She had experienced symptoms of the disorder throughout her teenage years, which made it difficult for her to participate in formal education for more than a year due to her tics. When Anita was 13, she tried to get a medical diagnosis. Still, the doctor did not take her symptoms seriously, dismissed her as attention-seeking, and claimed that she would eventually grow out of it. After more than a decade, Anita sought another diagnosis at a hospital and underwent a week of tests before receiving a diagnosis of Tourette’s syndrome.

Sweet Anita | wiki Bio

sweet anita wiki bio
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Full Name Sweet Anita
Gender Female
Born 28 July 1990 (age 33)
East Anglia, England
Age 33 (as of 2023)
Zodiac sign Leo
Current Residence of Sweet Anita England, United Kingdom
Nationality British
Ethinicity White
Height 5’5’’(165cm)
Weight 121 pounds (55kgs)
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Brown
Marital status Single
Profession Twitch streamer, YouTuber, Social media sensation
Instagram @sweetanitatwitch
Tik Tok @sweet_anita_official
You Tube Sweet Anita
Twitter @sweetanita

Sweet Anita Family:

Anita’s parents first met while skateboarding, but they split soon after she was born. Her mother was frequently unwell, so Anita took on the role of her primary caregiver from an early age. The family faced financial difficulties. In her mother’s absence, Anita was raised by her father, but her stepmother was cruel and believed her Tourette’s tics were intentional misbehaviour. On one occasion, she even shook Anita’s broken arm to prove that it was not actually injured.


Sweet Anita Career:

  twitch streamer sweet anita
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She began creating videos on YouTube in which she shared her experiences of playing games while dealing with Tourette’s Syndrome. Her content includes vlogs and Q&A sessions where she discusses her struggles with the illness, as well as commentary videos, reactions to Tourette’s related content, tier lists, and live streams of her playing games like APEX Legends, Jump King, Among Us, Grand Theft Auto, and Truth or Dare.

In 2018, Sweet Anita started her career as a Twitch streamer with a focus on gaming, specifically Overwatch. Her streams gained popularity due to her unfiltered and unique style, which included profanity-laden outbursts caused by her tics. Her content expanded to YouTube, where she shared her experiences of gaming while battling Tourette’s Syndrome. Her videos included vlogs, Q&A sessions about her illness, commentary videos, tier lists, and streams of various games.

Anita has collaborated with many popular streamers and content creators on YouTube, such as Talia Mar, Tubbo, Code Miko, Amouranth, Anthony Padilla, Corpse Husband, Susu jpg, and Valkyrae.

Anita’s success in streaming during her early days led to her being recognized by Variety as one of the most influential individuals in the video game industry in the same year she started. She is renowned for her efforts to raise awareness and educate the public about the impact of Tourette’s syndrome on everyday social interactions. Despite facing challenges, Anita has made a positive impact by sharing her experiences and creating a supportive community.

Sweet Anita has a passion for animal rehabilitation and has taken care of various animals, such as rabbits, rats, and chinchillas. On top of this, she also had her own business selling sea glass that she collected from the seashore. Additionally, Anita has been interviewed numerous times about her experience with Tourette’s syndrome in order to increase awareness and education about its impact on daily social interactions.

Anita’s involvement in the Make-A-Wish foundation extends beyond her appearances on Twitch speed dating shows. She has also collaborated with other streamers to support the charity. Furthermore, she has hosted fundraisers for the UK-based charity Tourettes Action on multiple occasions. In December 2020, Anita was the host of VY Esports’ online gaming festival, LuudoFest!

Awards & Nominations:

  • 2019- 11th Shorty Awards-Twitch Streamer of the Year-Nominated

  • Anita was a presenter for the 2021 Accessibility Awards.

  • Anita was nominated for “Twitch Streamer of the Year” at the 11th Shorty Awards in 2019.

  • 37th Golden Joystick Awards-Best Streamer/Broadcaster-Nominated

Sweet Anita controversy

Sweet Anita revealed that she was a victim of stalking in a video she posted on September 27, 2020, and that the police were refusing to assist her. Threats to attack and kill her were made in public by the stalker. Anita left the following comment on Penguinz0’s video about stalkers: “Thanks for talking about this! To be clear, the man did physically harm me, and there was a whiteness, but the police decided not to file a report. When he was (drunk) on his way to her house another time, they took a knife off him and let him go. He chased her into a store and had to be restrained by two men.

In late 2019, during a Twitch livestream, Sweet Anita became the centre of controversy when she blurted out the n-word due to Tourette`s syndrome, and her Twitch chat was spamming the word.
Anita herself made a video in which she apologized and detailed her thoughts on the situation.
This was received positively, with some commenters understanding that it was not done intentionally and that banning Anita was an act of discrimination; even comparing it to being Paralyzed, people are offended because they cannot walk.

Who is Anita Dating?

Anita has kept his dating information private and never disclosed her dating history. Anita says she’s bisexual. She used to think she was a lesbian because she dated girls, but then she found herself attracted to guys, too. She may have dated many people, but there is no information about their names or details.

Sweet Anita’s net worth

It’s true that She is earning a lot of money through her social media presence. Her primary income sources are YouTube, Twitch streaming, and ad promotions. She has a YouTube channel with a net worth of $873,000 as of March 2024.

5 facts about Sweet Anita

  1. She has a big African snail at her home
  2. She likes skating. She does that often when she has free time
  3. Sweet Anita has 320k followers on Instagram and 385k followers on Twitter (x) as of March 2024.
  4. Her first Instagram post was on July 1, 2021.
  5. She loves painting, and she shares those pictures on social media.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Sweet Anita


Do you know Why Sweet Anita Speaks In a Particular Way?

Well, Sweet Anita has a rare neurological condition known as Tourette’s syndrome. This condition affects the nervous system and causes uncontrollable sudden movements or sounds, referred to as tics. It’s like her body is being taken over by something else, as she describes it.


Does Sweet Anita actually have Tourette’s?

At 27, she was diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome, which included the rare symptom of coprolalia.


What makes Sweet Anita so popular?

Initially, she streamed video games, with a focus on Overwatch. However, after clips of her tics-led profanity outbursts went viral, she became popular. Later that year, Anita was named one of the most influential individuals in the gaming industry by Variety.


How many Twitch users are female?

Only 19.98% of Twitch tv’s desktop visitors are women. Twitch is a popular platform for live video gaming streams.

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