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Dead Space Remake achievements Lists


The highly anticipated Dead Space Remake is set to resurrect the spine-tingling horror and atmospheric tension that made the original game a masterpiece. As fans eagerly prepare to revisit the nightmarish corridors of the USG Ishimura, they’ll also have a new set of achievements to conquer.

Dead Space Remake Achievements – Lists

In this article, we present a comprehensive list of the Dead Space Remake achievements, allowing players to aim for 100% completion and experience every chilling challenge the game offers.

Dead Space Remake achievements Objective
A Cut Above Eliminate 30 enemies with the Ripper.
All Systems Go  Finish Chapter 3 on any difficulty.
Autofire  Eliminate 30 enemies with the Pulse Rifle.
Backbreaker  Eliminate 10 enemies with a stomp attack.
Betrayed Finish Chapter 11 on any difficulty.
Built to Order  Install every weapon upgrade.
Cannon Fodder Finish Chapter 4 on any difficulty.
Eviscerator Eliminate 30 enemies with the Line Gun.
Exodus Finish Chapter 12 on any difficulty.
Exterminator Eliminate the Leviathan.
Final Regeneration Discover the Hunter’s origins.
Freeze Use Stasis on 50 enemies.
Front Toward Enemy Survive the Shooting Gallery.
Full Arsenal Get every weapon in-game.
Full Clearance Create the Master Security Override.
Full Contact Eliminate 30 enemies with the Contact Beam.
Get Off My Ship  Eliminate the Leviathan Remnant.
Greenhouse Effect  Finish Chapter 6 on any difficulty.
Keeper of the Faith Finish Chapter 10 on any difficulty.
Lab Rat Finish Chapter 2 on any difficulty.
Legend Teller Collect 150 Logs.
Live with the Hot Ones Eliminate 30 enemies with the Flamethrower.
Marked Pick up a Marker Fragment.
Marksman Dismember 50 limbs.
Maxed Out Upgrade all the weapons and equipment.
Merchant Collect all schematics.
Mindless Prey Eliminate the Hive Mind.
One Gun Finish the game only using the Plasma Cutter.
Pack Rat Store 25 items in storage.
Pusher  Eliminate 30 enemies with the Force Gun.
Raise the Stakes Pin an enemy.
Reunion Unlock the alternative ending on any difficulty. 
S.O.S  Finish Chapter 7 on any difficulty.
Set a Benchmark Finish the campaign on Medium or above difficulty.
Story Teller Collect 75 Logs.
Strange Transmissions Finish Chapter 8 on any difficulty.
Surgeon  Dismember 500 limbs.
There’s always Peng  Find the Peng Treasure.
True Believer Finish Chapter 5 on any difficulty.
Trusted Contractor Finish the New Game Plus on any difficulty.
Untouchable Finish the campaign on Impossible Mode.
Welcome Aboard Finish the prologue on any difficulty.
Whole Again Pursue Nicole’s Investigation.
Wishbone Rip off a dangling limb using Kinesis
Wreckage  Finish Chapter 9 on any difficulty.
Z-Baller Finish Level 6 in a Zero-G Basketball. 

How to Earn Achievements And How Its Work in Dead Space Remake

you can earn achievements in many ways. Some come from advancing in the game’s story or finishing certain challenges. In the Dead Space remake on PC and Xbox, there are 47 achievements. The PS5 version has 48!

Achievements don’t do much except show off, but completing them can give you cool stuff like gear or even change the story!

There are 9 Hidden Achievements in the Dead Space remake. These are usually earned in tricky or sneaky ways. Luckily, we’ll tell you how to get them here!

 dead space remake


As you navigate the horrifying world of Dead Space Remake, these achievements offer new challenges and incentives to uncover every hidden secret and confront the terrifying creatures that lurk within the shadows.

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran of the original game or a newcomer to the horrors of deep space, these Dead Space Remake achievements will test your mettle and enhance the suspense and excitement of the game.

Prepare yourself for a harrowing journey through the chilling void and aim to unlock every achievement in Dead Space Remake to prove your survival skills in the face of unimaginable terror.

If you want a look at the gameplay of the new Dead Space Remake, here’s the official gameplay walkthrough.


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Frequently Asked Questions on Dead Space Remake


Does the Dead Space Remake Have A Secret Ending?

The player must finish the game at least twice in order to access the alternate ending in Dead Space Remake. No expectation of difficulties is necessary.


What Is The Alternate Ending Discussion In The Dead Space Remake?

On the shuttle leaving Aegis VII, Isaac Clarke can be seen speaking to Nicole and revealing his plans to construct something for her. This is a reference to Isaac helping to create the Site 12 Marker from Dead Space.


Which Dead Space Ending Is Canon?

The secret ending in the Dead Space remake is technically canon. The original ending in the Dead Space remake begins at the end of the Chapter.


Is It Impossible To Be Hard On Dead Space?

If you play it Hard, you will unlock Impossible Mode, the hardest difficulty in the game. If you finish the Dead Space remake’s Impossible Mode, you are rewarded with a sweet new suit called the Burnished Suit.


What’s The Scariest Dead Space?

Dead Space Features Variously Terrifying Deaths of Challus Mercer. The character in Dead Space who is the most dreadful is Challus Mercer. His allegiance lies with the Necromorphs. His commitment to their expansion knows no bounds, and he’s ready to give as many human sacrifices as required.


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