9 Tips for Becoming a Professional Gamer – Tried and Tested 

Becoming a professional gamer is a goal cherished by countless video game enthusiasts. Imagine getting paid to play your favorite games, being famous, and traveling across the globe for esports tournaments. However, the journey from your home setup to the grand stage of competitive gaming is challenging and complex. So, how do you become a professional gamer?

A typical gamer will only work on improving their gameplay. But, becoming a professional gamer requires skill, dedication, and a strategic approach. To do that, here are some tried and tested tips that might not be commonly talked about but are essential for a successful gaming career.

Physical Well-being Matters To Become a Professional Gamer

how to become a professional gamer


Physical well-being plays a crucial role in a professional gamer’s journey. One must have a healthy body to avoid issues like eyestrain, posture problems, and fatigue when gaming for long sessions. One must regularly exercise, eat balanced meals, and get adequate sleep to ensure optimal performance during extended gaming sessions. Prioritizing physical health builds stamina and contributes to overall well-being and longevity in the competitive gaming world.

Mindset and Mental Health

Amidst the fast-paced world of professional gaming, nurturing mental health is paramount. Enduring the pressure of competition, handling losses, and maintaining focus requires a resilient mindset. Proactively practicing stress-management techniques, seeking guidance, and fostering a positive outlook is essential. This includes seeking professional help when needed and regularly practicing meditation.

Balancing the highs and lows with mental well-being ensures sustained performance and longevity in the industry. Just as rigorous practice refines gaming skills, prioritizing mental health nurtures the emotional stamina needed to be a great professional gamer.

Game Selection To become a Pro Gamer

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Focus on a game you’re genuinely passionate about and have a natural aptitude for. Trying to juggle multiple games might dilute your expertise. When you do choose a game, think hard before your selection.

You can either pick an old or new game. Older games like Call of Duty and Dota 2 are already established in the esports community. There are also a lot of resources readily available for older games, and its infrastructure is already established. But, due to the huge fan base for old games, these tournaments have higher stakes. Thus, climbing up the ranks and becoming a professional gamer might be harder due to the fierce competition. Playing a new game can give you an edge and boost your career quickly. But, there is always the risk that the game will not catch on and thus won’t reach the E-sports scene.

Continuous Learning

Gaming evolves rapidly. Stay updated with patch notes, meta changes, and strategies. Watch professional gamer tutorials and dedicate yourself to researching and testing game strategies. You can watch online tutorials and incorporate the most popular and efficient techniques into your gameplay. You can also watch professional tournaments and streamers to take on the best players’ strategies. 

You must actively work to better your gameplay. Aimlessly playing for hours at a time is not enough. You will inevitably improve by recording yourself and analyzing any mistakes you notice while incorporating other professional gamers’ strategies. Regular practice is key, but quality matters more than quantity. Focused, intentional practice with specific goals will yield better results than mindless grinding.


Build connections within the gaming community. Attend events, join online forums, and engage with fellow gamers. During these social activities, you will surely find male or female gamers who can offer you something valuable, like collaborations, sponsorship, and learning opportunities.

You can arrange gaming sessions and invite high-ranking players. You can even use apps like Discord to communicate with them to gain insights into their strategies. Establishing connections with established professional gamers can significantly elevate your gaming career.

Physical Ergonomics

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Physical ergonomics is pivotal for professional gamers. This consists of setting up an ergonomic gaming station with a comfortable gamer chair and proper keyboard and mouse positioning. An adjustable monitor helps prevent issues like carpal tunnel syndrome and back strain. 

This setup promotes optimal posture, reducing the risk of long-term health problems and ensuring comfort during extended gaming sessions.

Financial Planning

Financial planning is a cornerstone of a professional gamer’s success. While sponsorship and winnings can be lucrative, one must also note that professional gaming is not always a stable source of income. Developing a budget that covers equipment, travel expenses, and contingencies is vital. 

Exploring diversified income streams, like content creation, coaching, or even a part-time job, adds stability. You should make smart investment decisions and have tax awareness to safeguard earnings for the future. Comprehensive financial strategies like these empower professional gamers to manage their finances responsibly. It allows one to navigate the gaming industry’s dynamic landscape confidently.


Communication with Fans

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A healthy relationship with one’s fans is essential to boosting your reputation as a professional gamer. Thus, effective communication with fans is pivotal for a professional gamer’s brand. You can engage authentically through social media, live streams, and interactive sessions. You can do this by creating a YouTube channel, streaming your gaming on Twitch, or creating Discord groups to interact with your fans. Furthermore, responding to questions, sharing insights into gameplay, and showcasing personal experiences humanize the gamer and strengthen the fan connection. 

This positive rapport can lead to increased support, potential collaborations, a flourishing online presence, and a loyal community. Thus, healthy and consistent communication contributes to both a professional gamer’s success and the growth of their fan base.

Time Management and Taking Breaks

Time management is essential in a professional gamer’s routine. Balancing practice, competitions, and personal commitments demands meticulous planning. Structuring focused practice sessions also enhances skill development. 

Equally important are scheduled breaks to prevent burnout. Step away from screens, engage in other hobbies and responsibilities, or spend time with loved ones to rejuvenate the mind and body. Accordingly, a well-calibrated schedule ensures optimal performance, sustainable progress, and a healthy work-life balance as a professional gamer. Check out this post for some time management tips.

Choose Best Gears to Become Professional Gamer

Investing in the best gear is essential to become a professional gamer. You are already one step higher than your opponent if you have the correct gears. Gaming gears are like your teammates. You both should have an excellent understanding of how to win games, so the same goes for gaming gear.

A good gaming mouse is essential if you are playing on a PC. Choose a mouse that fits you when you are playing continuously for hours. It would help if you had a perfect gripping mouse. It makes your gaming easy, and you can make your movements easy.

Investing in a good monitor is vital for your professional gaming career. A 144-hz monitor with one millisecond response time is a factor you should consider when buying. So, all of your gaming equipment works in sync. It allows you to become a better version of a gamer. Pick a good PC, too; choosing one can avoid the lags when playing games.

Professional Gamer Salary

Various factors will determine professional gamer’s salaries. Some players get paid well, and some people don’t. If you are starting in professional gaming, it will be important not to consider the wage because sometimes you will get disappointed and expect a higher salary.

An average gamer who is part of esports games can get around $4,000 – 5,000 a month. This is only the income of the gamers, not including additional earnings such as tournament wins and YouTube and Twitch streaming. Also, a pro player’s salary will change according to his fame and the followers he gets on social media.

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A typical gamer might receive some short-term fame by only focusing on the game and nothing else. But to become a professional gamer, balance and strategy are key. These overlooked tips and tricks will make your professional gaming career long and non-destructive to every other facet of your life. So, tailor them to your strengths, weaknesses, and unique needs for the best results. Good luck!

Becoming a professional gamer is not that tough. If you need more referrals, then watch this video.


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