How Big is the Gaming Industry? Future of Gaming in India

In today’s digital age, gaming has surpassed its status as a mere hobby and has emerged as a profitable career option. The days of playing games as a waste of time are long gone. The gaming industry in India has witnessed a remarkable transformation, and in this article, we will explore just how big the gaming industry is and the scope it offers in India. Additionally, we will shed light on the various career opportunities available and discuss the dark side of the industry.

How Big Is The Gaming Industry

As children, many of us were scolded for spending too much time playing video games instead of focusing on our studies. Little did people know that the gaming industry had the potential to offer substantial rewards. Over the years, the perception of gaming has shifted drastically, and it is now considered a viable career option. In this article, we will delve into the magnitude of the gaming industry, particularly in India, and explore the possibilities it presents for aspiring gamers.

The Gaming Industry in India

The Gaming Industry in India
Professional Esports Player


Before we dive into the specifics, let’s take a moment to understand the gaming industry’s current landscape in India. One prominent figure who recognizes the immense potential of the gaming industry in India is Mr. Mukesh Ambani, India’s second richest person. He recently stated that the gaming industry has the potential to surpass even the music, movie, and television show industries. This statement highlights the significant growth opportunities that lie within the realm of gaming.

The Size and Revenue of the Gaming Industry

The Size and Revenue of the Gaming Industry in india
Growing Size and Revenue


To comprehend the magnitude of the gaming industry, let’s consider the success of a popular Indian game called Ludo King. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Ludo King served as a source of entertainment for millions of people and generated a staggering revenue of 20 million dollars in just one year. This impressive figure is a testament to the enormous potential of the gaming industry.

To put things into perspective, let’s compare the revenue generated by the gaming industry with that of the film industry. While the blockbuster movie “Avengers Endgame” amassed a remarkable 850 million dollars, the game “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” raked in a stunning 1.9 billion dollars in revenue. These numbers clearly indicate that the gaming industry in India is three times larger than the film industry.

However, despite India being the world’s second most populous country and the fifth largest economy, it only captures a mere 1 percent of the gaming industry’s revenue. In contrast, China and America claim 22 percent and 20 percent of the revenue, respectively. This highlights the untapped potential for growth in the Indian gaming industry.

Growth of Mobile Gaming in India

Mobile gaming has a vital role in developing the gaming industry in India. The specific growth of gaming platforms has a significant impact on the industry. And the trend is going up every day in India. This impacted various sectors of Indian gaming.

Industry Players Opportunity

Many opportunities are waiting for the industry players in India’s gaming market.

Companies can look into ways to grow their market reach by targeting different groups of people in the population. Using the gaming trend is vital for getting a wider audience.

Collaborating with others and forming partnerships can also encourage growth and innovation within the industry.

Key Factors Driving Growth in the Gaming Industry in India

  • Smartphone adoption: smartphone use is increasing daily in India, with over 2 million users. This rising number will play a massive role in India’s gaming industry.
  • Easy Internet accessibility: In India, internet access is shallow. This very cheap internet access makes it easy for gamers to use gaming apps.
  • The popularity of gamers: now, the popularity of gamers in India is increasing, and people love to watch their gaming content. The impact professional gamers are making in India is unbreakable.

Career Opportunities in The Gaming Industry

Career Opportunities in the Gaming Industry in india
Career Opportunities


The gaming industry’s immense size and growth trajectory offer numerous career opportunities for individuals passionate about gaming. Let’s explore some of the key areas in which aspiring gamers can make their mark.

Professional Gaming

One of the most coveted career paths in the gaming industry is becoming a professional gamer. Professional gamers participate in tournaments, stream their gameplay, and review games, all while earning a substantial income. Notable figures such as Ninja, the world’s richest streamer, have gained fame and fortune through their gaming skills. Becoming a professional gamer requires dedication, practice, and a deep understanding of the games you compete in.

Front-End Design and Development 

Another exciting career avenue within the gaming industry in India is front-end design and development. Game developers need skilled designers who can create visually stunning and immersive gaming experiences. From character design to level layout, front-end designers play a crucial role in bringing games to life.

Back-end and Data Science

Behind every successful game, there is a complex network of back-end systems that ensure smooth gameplay, matchmaking, and data management. Professionals with expertise in back-end development and data science are in high demand. They are responsible for creating robust server architectures, implementing data analytics, and optimizing game performance.

The Dark Side of Gaming 

The Dark Side of Gaming in india
Dark Side of Gaming


While the gaming industry in India offers immense opportunities, it is essential to acknowledge the potential risks and challenges associated with it.

Gambling-Related Games 

One aspect that raises concerns is the prevalence of gambling-related games in the gaming industry. Loot boxes, in-game purchases, and virtual casinos have drawn criticism for their potential to encourage addictive behavior, particularly among vulnerable individuals. It is crucial for game developers and regulators to address these concerns and establish responsible gaming practices.

Data Collection and Manipulation 

As online gaming becomes more prevalent, concerns about data privacy and security have emerged. Game companies collect vast amounts of player data, ranging from personal information to gaming patterns. The responsible and ethical use of this data is paramount to protect players’ privacy and prevent its misuse.

The gaming industry in India and globally is booming, presenting vast opportunities for aspiring gamers and professionals alike. From professional gaming to game development, there are various paths to explore. However, it is essential to navigate the industry responsibly, addressing the dark side of gaming, such as gambling-related games and data privacy concerns. As the industry continues to evolve, it is crucial for stakeholders to prioritize player well-being and create a sustainable and inclusive gaming ecosystem.

You can watch the video below to understand the growth and career oppertunities in the gaming industry in India.

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Frequently Asked Questions On Gaming

Is The Gaming Industry a Viable Career Option?

Yes, the gaming industry has evolved into a viable career option with numerous opportunities in professional gaming, game development, design, and data science.


How Big Is The Gaming Industry Compared To Other Entertainment Industries?

The gaming industry has surpassed traditional entertainment industries like music and movies in terms of revenue. It continues to grow at a rapid pace globally.


What are the concerns Associated With The Gaming Industry?

Concerns Include addictive gambling-related games and data privacy issues. Responsible gaming practices and safeguarding player data are crucial for a sustainable industry.


How can One Enter The Gaming Industry?

Entry into the gaming industry can be through various paths, such as gaining gaming skills, pursuing education in game design/development, or acquiring technical expertise in relevant fields.


What Is The Future Outlook for The Gaming industry?

The gaming industry’s future looks promising, with advancements in technology, increased accessibility, and growing global demand for gaming experiences. It is expected to continue its upward trajectory.
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