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Introducing the gaming legend known as aBezy! Behind the Gamertag lies aBezy real name -Tyler Pharris. He is a highly skilled professional Call of Duty player who proudly represents Atlanta FaZe in Call of Duty Esports. Renowned for his exceptional abilities and valuable contributions to the team, as he firmly established himself as one of the foremost players in the fiercely competitive gaming scene.

He is a true force in the gaming world, has achieved remarkable feats. His mastery led him to become a two-time World Champion, clinching the title in 2019 and 2021. Additionally, his outstanding performance has earned him the prestigious MVP title. These accolades highlight his immense talent and underscore his crucial role in securing victories for Atlanta FaZe.

Within the Atlanta FaZe, he catapulted the team to unparalleled success and unwavering dominance in the professional Call of Duty arena. With his awe-inspiring gameplay prowess and strategic genius, he has carved out a prominent place for himself within the team and the larger esports community. Get ready to witness the legend in action!

Call of Duty League 2023 – Major 4

 gamer aBeZy wearing headphones and playing video game
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aBeZy Real Name | Current Team | Personal info | Career Highlights | Wiki Bio:

Real Name Tyler Pharris
Born November 3, 1999 (Age: 24 as of 2023)
Current team ATL FaZe
Role Player
Input Controller
Platform PC
Prev Platforms PlayStation 4
XBL Gamertag aye BeZy
Personal info  
Girl Friend Ashleyrenn
Birth sign Scorpio
Height 5’6
Using Gadgets  
Controller custom PS4 controller from SCUF Gaming
Headset ASTRO Gaming A40 TR Wired Headset
Career Highlights:  
  1.2020 and 2021 Call of Duty League All-Star.
2.Call of Duty League 2021 SCUF Team of the Year.
3.Won the 2021 Call of Duty League Championship MVP.
4.He is only one of two players (Simp) in competitive Call of Duty history to appear in four consecutive Call of Duty World Championship finals
5.He was selected for the CDL 2023 All-Star First Team.
Social Media Links:  
CDL Player Page
Game Battles

Abezy’s warzone settings

Br button layout

Tactical flipped

Stick layout preset


Invert vertical look


Horizontal stick sensivity


Vertical stick sensitivity


Ads sensitivity multiplayer low zoom


Ads sensitivity multiplayer high zoom




Aim assist type

Black ops

Aim response curve type


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Emerging rising star

aBeZy acheivements
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Tyler Pharris unwavering dedication and tenacity paid off in a big way when he and his team clinched an extraordinary top-four placement in the 2018 Call of Duty World League Championship. This outstanding achievement is tangible proof of their exceptional skills and unwavering commitment. It marked a monumental milestone in BeZy’s career, solidifying his status as an exceptionally skilled player in the fiercely competitive Call of Duty scene. Prepare to be blown away by their unmatched prowess!

Emerging as a rising star, Tyler Pharris embarked on an extraordinary journey with Enigma6 Group in subsequent seasons. Not only did they consistently attain impressive standings in both LAN events and online tournaments, but they also showcased unparalleled performance and remarkable teamwork. Through unwavering dedication, he solidified its position as one of the esteemed players in the Call of Duty esports community.

Top 5 Achievements Of Abezy

  1. He was selected for Call of Duty League all-star in 2020 and 2021
  2. He was included on the Call of Duty Team of the Year in 2021
  3. He won Call of Duty Championship MVP in 2021
  4. Abezy appeared for four consecutive years in Call of Duty World Championship finals.
  5. He was selected on the all-star first team in 2023

This Wiki-biography is a captivating testament to his unwavering commitment and relentless pursuit of excellence in conquering the professional Call of Duty realm. He competes and dazzles with fearless determination, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the extraordinary feats he will achieve in the ever-evolving COD landscape. Get ready to be blown away by his awe-inspiring talent!

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Frequently Asked Questions On aBeZy

Who would you Say Is The Ultimate, all-time Iconic Character In COD?

Captain Price was an exceptional leader among men, standing tall as the truly iconic character that defines the essence of the Call of Duty series.


Do you know how Many Championships aBeZy Has?

He is a professional esports player in Call of Duty. He competed for Atlanta FaZe and achieved the World Champion and MVP titles in 2019 and 2021.


How Do you configure The control Settings To Match Those Of aBezy?

Setting name | aBeZy, setting info: BR Button Layout, Tactical Flipped, Stick Layout, Present, Default, Invert Vertical Look, Disabled, Deadzone 0.05, Horizontal Stick Sensitivity 6, Vertical Stick Sensitivity6, ADS Sensitivity Multiplier Low Zoom:1.00, ADS Sensitivity Multiplier (High Zoom)1.00, Aim Response Curve Type: Dynamic, Controller Vibration: Disabled.

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