From Laval to Legend: The Félix “Xqc Real Name Age-Career-Family” Lengyel Story

Felix Lengyel, widely recognized as the one and only xQc, is a legend in his own right. From his rise in the Overwatch scene to becoming an iconic force in internet entertainment, he has carved his path to greatness. With an unmatched presence on Twitch, xQc has rewritten records and captivated audiences like never before. Brace yourself for awe-inspiring moments exploring xqc real name!

xqc real name age


Felix Lengyel, better known as xQc, burst onto the scene on November 12, 1995, captivating audiences worldwide. Initially making waves as a top-tier Overwatch pro, he has now transcended to become an internet entertainment legend. With his skyrocketing Twitch career, xQc has shattered records and captivated an unrivalled audience. Prepare to be mesmerized!

He began his journey in esports in 2016, proudly representing Team Canada in the Overwatch World Cup. This incredible adventure lasted from 2017 to 2019 and was filled with challenges, including multiple suspensions. However, xQc’s affiliation with top-tier esports organizations remained strong. By December 2019, he accumulated an astonishing eight million hours of content watched, a remarkable achievement, cementing his position as the undisputed king of Twitch streamers.

Step into a world of absolute dominance! From 2020 to 2023, xQc captivated audiences worldwide, reigning as the foremost streamer on the platform. Brace yourself for an enthralling journey as we explore the extraordinary trajectory of this superstar. Feel free to read xqc real name in this wiki-Bio, which makes this experience even more captivating!

Xqc Real Name | WiKi-Bio

xqc holding an award he wins
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Real Name Félix Lengyel
Nickname xQc
Date of Birth November 12, 1995 (age 28 as of 2023)
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Birthplace Laval, Quebec, Canada
Nationality Canadian
Height 6’2 (approx),188 cm
Weight 130 lb
Eye Color Black
Profession Gamer, YouTuber, Vlogger
Father Name N/A
Mother Name
Brother Name Nicolas Lengyel
Marital Status
  McLaren 720s Spider
  BMW X6 M
  Tesla Model 3
Networth $9 million as of 2023
Income Source Twitch streams, YouTube channel, brand deals, and other sources
Social Media Accounts  
Instagram xqcow1
Discord xQc’s Jungle
Twitch xQc
Face Book XQC

Xqc Real Name-Career

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In the heart of Laval, Quebec, a young Félix Lengyel, known as xQc, discovered a passion that would change his life forever – gaming. When he first touched a keyboard, Félix was captivated by the virtual worlds and endless gaming possibilities. Little did he know that his journey would lead him to become one of the most popular and controversial figures in the gaming world.

Félix’s early years were defined by his competitive spirit and unwavering determination to excel. He fully immersed himself in esports, sharpening his skills in games like League of Legends and Overwatch. His undeniable talent quickly led him to compete at the highest levels, joining professional esports teams and establishing himself as a formidable player.

However, Félix’s journey to stardom encountered obstacles and diversions. His candid demeanour and unrestrained character frequently resulted in repercussions, including suspensions and tournament bans. Nevertheless, Félix’s dedicated following expanded exponentially, captivated by his authentic passion, unfiltered remarks, and unpredictable behaviour.

In 2019, Félix made a critical decision that would shape his future. He transitioned from professional esports to full-time streaming. His Twitch channel, xQcOW, gained immense popularity, attracting millions of viewers who tuned in for his intense gameplay, entertaining reactions, and candid expressions.

Controversies accompanied Félix’s rapid ascent to streaming stardom. His impulsive actions and occasional outbursts resulted in several Twitch bans, triggering discussions about free speech and conduct boundaries in the online realm. Nevertheless, Félix’s fanbase stayed devoted, attracted by his genuine nature and capacity to establish personal connections with them.

Félix’s rise to fame was meteoric, propelling his influence to new heights. He emerged as a passionate advocate for the gaming community, fearlessly addressing concerns like gambling streams and promoting practices that prioritize positive mental health. But his impact didn’t stop there. He quickly became a coveted guest on talk shows and a captivating figure that captivated the attention of mainstream media.

Even with his worldwide fame, Félix stayed connected to his roots in Laval, never losing touch with his family and friends. He remembered the passion that started it all, continuously exploring new games and entertaining his growing audience with his distinctive humour and gameplay style.

Félix “xQc” Lengyel’s story is about passion, perseverance, and the power of being true to oneself. It’s about a young man who turned his love for gaming into a global phenomenon, captivating millions with his genuine personality and infectious energy. From Laval to becoming a legend, Félix’s journey showcases the transformative power of gaming and the lasting appeal of an authentic individual.

Xqc Real Name-Career Highlights:
Year Ceremony Category Result
2017 2017 Overwatch World Cup Most Valuable Player Won
2018 2018 Esports Awards Streamer of the Year Nominated
2020 Canadian Game Awards Best Streamer Nominated
  2020 Esports Awards Streamer of the Year Nominated
2021 2021 Esports Awards Streamer of the Year Nominated
2022 The Streamer Awards Best GTA Role-play Streamer Nominated
    Streamer of the Year Nominated
  Canadian Game Awards Best Streamer Nominated
  12th Streamy Awards Streamer of the Year Nominated
    Just Chatting Won
2023 The Streamer Awards Best Variety Streamer Won
    Streamer of the Year Nominated
  13th Streamy Awards Streamer of the Year Nominated
    Just Chatting Nominated

Xqc Gaming Gear & Setup

It might be hard to figure out exactly how a popular streamer sets up their equipment because it keeps changing due to technology updates and sponsorships.Here’s the gaming gear list of xqc.




Amd ryzen 9 5950x 16-core


Zotac gaming geforce rtx 3090 24gb


Rgb 128


Steelseries apex pro tkl mechanical keyboard


Logitech g pro 


Logitech g640


Hyperx cloud II


Logitech brio ultra 

Xqc Controversy In Gambling

Felix is no stranger to gambling, esports betting, and betting on Twitch streamers. But things have gotten much worse lately. There’s a big gambling controversy, and xQc is right in the middle of it. For many months, including into 2022, xQc has spent a lot of time gambling on-stream, playing slots, and losing millions of dollars in front of a live audience. Xqc said that he was addicted to gambling, and he lost around $2 million in a month playing gambling.

Xqc Real Name-Interesting Facts

  • xQc’s real name is Félix Lengyel. He was born in Laval, Quebec, Canada on November 12, 1995.
  • xQc’s gamer tag combines the last letter of his first name, “x,” and the abbreviation for his home province of Quebec, “QC”.
  • xQc started streaming on Twitch in 2014. He initially played League of Legends under the pseudonym xQcLoL.
  • xQc gained recognition as a professional Overwatch player. He played for several teams, including Denial Esports, Arc 6, and Dallas Fuel.
  • xQc is a controversial figure. He has been banned from Twitch multiple times for violating the platform’s terms of service.
  • xQc is one of the most popular streamers in the world. He has over 12 million followers on Twitch and 146k subscribers on YouTube.
  • xQc is known for its high-energy and entertaining streams. He often plays games, including Overwatch, Counter-Strike, and Crab Game.
  • xQc is a multi-millionaire. His net worth is estimated to be over $10 million.
  • xQc is a private person. He rarely shares details about his personal life.
  • xQc is a polarizing figure. He is loved by his fans and hated by his detractors.

Xqc Real Name-Additional Interesting Facts

  • He is a big fan of anime.
  • He is a skilled chess player.
  • He is a former professional trampoline athlete.
  • He is fluent in French and English.
  • xQc is a former professional Overwatch player.
  • xQc has won several awards for his streaming, including Streamer of the Year at the 2022 Esports Awards.


Here is a video that explains about Xqc life journey


Félix “xQc” Lengyel’s transformative journey from an ordinary player to a gaming legend is extraordinary. His unwavering dedication and authenticity have propelled him to global stardom. From dominating the Overwatch scene to conquering Twitch, xQc’s story encapsulates passion, perseverance, and unparalleled commitment. It’s a testament to the heights one can reach when fueled by passion and a relentless drive for excellence.

XQc has left an indelible mark on the gaming community with various accolades and a compelling yet controversial persona. He is not merely a gamer but a formidable force to be reckoned with. Enlighten your friends with this remarkable tale and delve deeper into his life through our comprehensive WiKi-Bio and thought-provoking blog posts. There is much more to discover about this gaming sensation; you want to take advantage of it. Stay tuned to for thrilling content from the gaming realm and new updates. Share the passion and embrace the legend with your fellow gamers!

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Frequently Asked Question On Xqc


Does xQc have issues?

xQc has encountered health issues, including a severe double-ear infection after TwitchCon. Streaming for extended periods can contribute to physical and mental health problems such as burnout and anxiety, as observed among other renowned streamers.


Why does xQc make so much?

xQc’s streams have garnered a substantial following, with an average of around 70,000 viewers per stream. This level of viewership has translated to an estimated monthly income of $300,000 from Twitch alone. Furthermore, xQc generates revenue through brand partnerships and monthly subscriptions, adding an extra $700,000 to his earnings.


Why did xQc become popular?

As his streaming career advanced, Lengyel gained recognition and prominence mainly due to his involvement with Overwatch, a video game developed by Blizzard Entertainment. Consequently, he adopted the alias xQcOW to align with his association with Overwatch.


Why is xQc not living in his house?

The Canadian streamer is currently unable to return to Canada and is facing a legal dispute with his former partner, Adept. Consequently, he has been streaming from various friends’ houses for an extended period. Initially, he resided at the residence of fellow streamer PokeLawls but had to relocate when the latter’s parents needed to stay with him.


Why is xQc leaving Twitch?

The renowned streamer revealed to his loyal fanbase that he intends to transition to a new platform called Kick. This up-and-coming streaming service poses a significant threat to Twitch’s dominance, as it boasts a lower subscription revenue cut while maintaining a comparable level of success.

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