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Kyedae Shymko is a famous Canadian Twitch streamer, YouTuber, TikTok star, Gamer, and Social media personality best known for her Valorant gameplays and live streams. She gained fame through her live streams on the Kyedae Twitch channel. Continue reading to find out more information about kyedae age, Real Name, Boyfriend, Family, Height, Weight, Birthday, Ethnicity, Education, Nationality, Career, Bio, Wiki, and other details.

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Kyedae was born on 1 December 2001 in Canada and currently lives in Los Angeles, California, United States. Her zodiac sign is Sagittarius, and her nationality is Canadian. She believes in Christianity and her ethnicity is a mix of Ukrainian and Japanese ancestry. Her mother is Japanese and her father is Ukrainian. As of now, she is a content creator for 100thieves.

Real Name Kyedae Shymko
Nick Name Kyedae
Gender Female
Date of Birth / Birthday 1 December 2001
Kyedae Age 22 (as of 2023)
Birthplace Canada
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Profession Twitch Streamer, YouTuber, Gamer, and Social media personality
Marital Status Unmarried
Educational Qualification Not Known
Religion Christianity
Nationality Canadian

About Kyedae Cancer Diagnosis

On March 3, Kyedae shared on Twitter that she has Acute Myeloid Leukemia, a kind of cancer that affects the bone marrow and blood cells. This cancer causes too many white blood cells to grow, which can mess up the normal blood cell production and make her experience different symptoms.

Kyedae’s decision to share details about her cancer diagnosis and continue streaming despite the challenges she faces is a testament to her strength and resilience. She has shown great courage in opening up about her experience, and her willingness to share her emotions and experiences with her fans has not only allowed them to support her, but has also inspired others going through similar difficulties to do the same.

Her decision to delay telling her fiancé, Tenz, about her diagnosis until after his tournament highlights her selflessness and desire to prioritize his well-being. It is clear that she values her relationship and understands the importance of support during difficult times. Her determination to keep streaming and maintaining a sense of normalcy demonstrates her dedication to her audience and her passion for gaming.

As a prominent figure in the Valorant community, her courage and transparency have a profound impact on her fans and followers. By sharing her journey and urging her audience to treat her normally, she breaks down stigmas surrounding cancer and encourages open conversations about health and well-being. Kyedae’s ability to find humor in her situation, despite its gravity, showcases her resilience and adaptability. Through her actions and words, she continues to inspire others, reminding them that even in the face of adversity, it is possible to find strength and maintain a positive outlook.

Kyedae Career, Education, and Major Accomplishments

When she appeared on Twitch, her career officially got started. This significantly increased her popularity, and she immediately reached to the top of the list of female streamers on the platform. She is known for both her engaging personality and her superb gameplay. She is a part of the Sentinels of North American Valorant team.

Kyedae’s career has seen a lot of significant successes. She received recognition by The Washington Post as one of the top 100 esports influencers in 2020. Additionally, she has received many awards, including the Twitch Rivals Valorant All-Star Showdown in 2021.

Here is the video of kyedae building his PC, valued at around 5000$


In the esports and streaming communities, she is a rising star. She is one of the most well-known female streamers in the world, and in the years to come, her fame will only continue to grow.

Here are some of Kyedae’s major accomplishments:

  • She started streaming on Twitch in 2018
  • 1.2 million followers on Twitch
  • 500,000 subscribers on YouTube
  • Member of the North American Valorant team Sentinels
  • Named one of the top 100 most influential people in esports by The Washington Post in 2020
  • Won the 2021 Twitch Rivals Valorant All-Star Showdown

She is a talented streamer and a professional gamer. In the esports industry, she is also a rising star. In the years to follow, she surely will accomplish lots more.

Educational Qualification

She finished her early schooling at a nearby high school in her hometown in Canada. After that, she went on to study at the University of British Columbia and graduated from there. She always dreamed of becoming a famous social media personality.

Kyedae Family, Boyfriend, Affairs, Relationship, Marriage, and More

She has not revealed any information about her parents. She does, however, have a sister who streams on Twitch and has 68.1K followers. Her name is Sakura Shymko. She revealed that her mother is Japanese and her father is Ukrainian.

Kyedae sister Sakura Shymko
Her sister Sakura Shymko

Kyedae is unmarried, currently, she’s in a relationship with TenZ (Tyson Ngo) right now, a well-known esports competitor and Twitch streamer.

Kyedae with TenZ  Tyson Ngo
image source: Instagram
Father’s Name Not Known
Mother’s Name Not Known
Sister Sakura Shymko
Boyfriend TenZ (Tyson Ngo)

Kyedae Age, Height, Weight, and More

As of 2023, she is 22 years old and she is approximately 54 kg in weight and 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm) tall. She has brown eyes and black hair. She wears a US shoe size 5.5 and has a body measurement of 32-24-33. She has a beautiful face and an impressive personality when it comes of appearance.

kyedae age
image source: Instagram
Height 5 feet 9 inches (approximately)
Weight 54 kilograms (approximately)
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Black

Kyedae Part ways with 100 Theives

She has been a content creator for 100 Thieves for the past three years. She joined 100 Thieves on April 13, 2021. Since that day, Kyedae has continuously created content and regularly streamed professional valorant. It was shocking when 100 thieves announced on January 23, 2024, that they were parting ways with Kyedae.

She even wrote an emotional post in x

“Thank you for believing in me at the start of my career!! Much love to everyone at 100T,”

Both parties never disclosed the reason behind their two parted ways; the cause is still unknown. She started streaming Twitch before the announcement, so when the announcement came, they decided to part ways. She will be an independent streamer now.

Kyedae’s Net Worth

As of 2023, the Canadian Twitch streamer and social media influencer Kyedae Alicia Shymko has a net worth of $1 million. She has a significant following on YouTube and Instagram and is most known for her live streams of the popular video game Valorant.

Her streaming income, which includes subscriptions, gifts, and advertising revenue, makes up the majority of her net worth. She also receives money through partnerships with companies including Secretlab, HyperX, and Logitech. She also sells her own line of merchandise, which boosts her overall revenue.

One of the most well-known female streamers in the world, She is going to continue to gain popularity in the years to come. Her net worth is therefore likely to keep growing.

Here are some of the sources of Kyedae’s net worth:

  • Twitch streaming income: This is the largest source of her income. She earns money from subscriptions, donations, and advertising revenue.
  • YouTube income: Kyedae also has a popular YouTube channel, where she uploads highlights from her streams and other gaming content. She earns money from YouTube ads.
  • Brand sponsorships: She has sponsorship deals with a number of brands, including Logitech, HyperX, and Secretlab. She earns money from these deals through product promotion and advertising.
  • Merchandise sales: She has her own merchandise line, which includes clothing, accessories, and gaming gear. She earns money from the sales of this merchandise.

Overall, Kyedae is an incredibly successful influencer and streamer, and her wealth reflects both of those factors. In the years to come, she is probably going to keep growing her net worth.


    • She has an official website
    • She is a dog lover with two beloved dogs named Kuro and Mochi.
    • She is a Content creator affiliated with 100 Thieves.
    • She is a fan of Chipotle, a favorite fast-food chain.
    • She currently residing in Los Angeles.
    • She is a passionate traveler, having explored destinations like Japan, Mexico, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions On Kyedae

Who is Kyedae?

She is a popular Canadian Twitch streamer, YouTuber, TikTok star, Gamer, and Social media personality best known for her Valorant gameplays and live streams.


How old is Kyedae?

Kyedae Shymko is 23 years old as of 2024.


How Tall is Kyedae?

She is 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm) tall.


What Rank Is Kyedae?

She is now ranked Immortal 1 in Valorant as of July 5, 2023. This rank was reached by her on December 27, 2022. She has also reached Immortal 2 the peak rank.


What Cancer Does Kyedae have?

She is afflicted with blood and bone marrow cancer. Fast-growing cancer AML may appear as many types of symptoms, such as bone pain, easy bruising, exhaustion, and shortness of breath.


Where is Kyedae from?

She is from Canada.


Where Does Kyedae live?

Currently she lives in Los Angeles, California, United States


What is Kyedae Real Name?

Her real name is Kyedae Alicia Shymko.
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