Total Gaming Biography: Real Name, Career and Face Reveal

The world of gaming and YouTube is full of stars, yet Total Gaming shines bright with his unique skills and mysterious identity. Most people know him simply as “Total Gaming”. He has an impressive 41+ million subscribers on YouTube. But his life away from the screen and his rise to fame are just as thrilling as his gaming victories. Who is the person behind the Total Gaming name? How has he reached the top of India’s gaming world without showing his real face? Let’s learn more about this mysterious figure. We’ll look into his real name, his rapid rise in gaming, and the eagerly awaited face reveal. Let’s start the journey of total gaming biography.

Total Gaming’s Personal Information

Ajay, better known as Total Gaming or by his nickname Ajju Bhai, is a top gamer from India. He was born in 1994 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Known for streaming the game Garena Free Fire, he is the most followed gaming YouTuber in India. Ajay’s YouTube channel is more than just fun, it’s a helpful place where he shares live streams, game tips, and team strategies. These resources have helped many gamers improve and succeed in their gaming careers.

Real Name


Date Of Birth

December 14,1994






Diploma Dropout


Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India



Marital status


Date Of Joining YouTube

December 2, 2018

Total Gaming Physical Stats




68 kg

Eye color


Hair color


Skin color


Career of Total Gaming

Total Gaming logo and a famous gamer ajju bhai .


Ajju bhai, began his gaming journey in 2015 by playing simple mobile games like Clash of Clans. In 2018, he started playing Garena Free Fire on his PC because he didn’t have a phone that could handle the game. He chose Free Fire at a time when PUBG, another very popular game, was the top choice for most gamers in India.

This decision proved to be a smart move, especially when PUBG was banned in India in September 2020. Many gamers who enjoyed PUBG switched to Free Fire, and ajju bhai’s channel quickly gained a lot of followers. His first YouTube video, titled “Free Fire: EPIC WIN! Total 24 Kills SQUAD Match Best Highlights Gameplay,” was posted on December 2, 2018, and was a big hit.

As he got better at Free Fire, ajju bhai began to share videos with tips and tricks for the game, first on his PC and then on his new, better phone. He often played Free Fire in “Clash Squad” mode, which his viewers really enjoyed. Until 2020, his channel focused only on Free Fire.

Later, ajju bhai started adding more variety to his channel by live-streaming games like Grand Theft Auto 5, Spiderman, and Incredible Hulk. This made him one of the few gamers in India who streams a variety of games. Now, he plays and streams games like Call of Duty, PUBG, Free Fire, and GTA5 across his six YouTube channels, attracting a large audience with his diverse gaming content.

Total Gaming Ajju Bhai Face Reveal

ajju bhai face reveal


The most anticipated face reveal has finally happened. After a 5 year gaming career finally ajju bhai revealed his face to the world. His fans were eagerly waiting for his face to be revealed. Ajju bhai, is about to start a new phase in his gaming career With the introduction of Total Gaming 2.0, there are rumors he might start showing his face in upcoming game streams. This face reveal isn’t just a change in his video approach, it’s an important step for his personal brand online.

Even though Ajjubhai has gained over 37 million followers without showing who he is, his possible decision to reveal his face highlights the importance of personal touch in social media branding. Total Gaming is already a big name in gaming, but the real person behind is not a mystery anymore.

The decision to show his face is about more than just being recognized; it’s about building trust and authenticity. People often feel more connected to and trusting of content creators who show themselves in their work. If Ajju bhai does this, he could strengthen his relationships with fans and find new chances for partnerships and growth.

Below is the video of total gaming face reveal title named “ajju bhai face reveal”


Total Gaming Net Worth

total gaming net worth


With his hard work and dedication in gaming he is one of the richest gamers in India. As of 2024 total gaming net worth is estimated around $ 1.54M – $ 9.26M. In rupees it’s around 15 crores. His main stream of income is from youtube. In April 2024 he earned around $97 k. In 2023 his earning is around $1million. Other than youtube earnings he also earns through social media platforms like instagram through brand promotion. Also he is participating in esports competitions. It’s also a source of income for ajju bhai.

Total Gaming Free Fire Uid and Stats

Total gaming Free Fire Uid is 451012596. His guild name is TG-Mafia.He’s well-known in the gaming circles for his excellent gaming record in Free Fire.Total Gamings impact on Free Fire gaming is really impressive. He has played a massive 9,231 squad games! Hescored a victory in 2,392 of them, landing him a win rate of 25.91%. The striking number of 33,842 kills is proof of his skill. And his kill-to-death ratio? An amazing 4.95!

When it comes to duo games, he still shines. He played 1,586 and won 299. That’s an 18.84% win rate! And his kill total? 6,200 with a kill-to-death ratio of 4.82. Solo gaming? He’s played 872 and won 76 games, proving his worth even on his own. Although his win rate drops to 8.71% in this mode, his solid strategy is displayed by 2,215 kills. His kill-to-death ratio? Still strong at 2.78.

These facts tell us that his gaming talent is not restricted to just one mode of play in Free Fire. His skill transcends squad, duo, or solo gaming. Ajjubhai’s strategic moves and fantastic aim are key to his success. He’s more than just a gamerhe’s a true icon in the Free Fire community.

Total Gaming Social Media

Apart from his main youtube channel named “total gaming” he has 5 other youtube channels. “Ajay verse ” it has 6.63 million subscribers, “tg highlights” which has 1.37 million, “ajjubhai” which has 672k subscribers, “totalgaming shorts” 2.11 million, and “tg tournaments” which has 362 k subscribers.he is active on other social media platforms too. In facebook he has 5.1million followers in twitter 267.4 k followers, in instagram he has 5.5 million followers.

Youtube channels

Total Gaming


TG Highlights


TG Tournament

TotalGaming Shorts




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Top 5 Facts about Total Gaming

  • His game name, AjjuBhai94, was inspired by the movie “Welcome Back.” He adopted this name and it has become the name by which he is most popularly known
  • Total gaming is the biggest free fire youtube channel in india.
  • With his all youtube channel he has more than 2 core subscribers on youtube
  • Free fire and gta 5 are his favorite games.
  • Traveling and gaming are his favorite hobbies.

Ajay’s journey from an ordinary person to a famous gaming figure called Total Gaming shows not just his talent but also gives hope to many aspiring gamers and content creators. His story, shared in this Total Gaming biography, highlights how much you can achieve with passion and hard work in today’s digital world.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Total Gaming


What is the date of Total Gaming face reveal?

He revealed his face on December 30, 2023, through a YouTube video.


What is Total Gaming’s net worth in rupees?

His net worth is around 15 crores.


Which state is Ajju Bhai from?

He currently lives in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.


Who is Total Gaming?

Total Gaming, his real name is Ajay, and he is a YouTuber from India with over 41.3 million subscribers (as of May 2024). He is famous for his intense Free Fire gameplay.

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