Gyan Gaming – The Journey of Ankit Sujan

Gyan Gaming is a popular YouTuber and gamer in India. Ankit Sujan is renowned for his engaging gameplay and streaming of Garena Free Fire. Known for his strategic prowess and charismatic personality, Ankit has built a large and dedicated following, making Gyan Gaming one of India’s most prominent gaming channels. We will discuss Gyan Gaming’s career, his personal life, and the unexpected accident that happened to Ankit Sujan.

Gyan Gaming Real Name, Age, Biography

Gyan Gaming, also known as Ankit Sujan or Sujan Roy Mistri, is a prominent figure in India’s gaming scene. This section briefly overviews his background, including his real name and age, and offers a glimpse into his journey as a renowned content creator and gamer.

Real name

Ankit Sujan, Sujan Roy Mistri


30 years

Date of birth

November 1, 1992

Place of birth

West Bengal, Kolkata Barasat, India


Narayan School, Kolkata


Ram Mohan College, Kolkata


Youtuber, gamer



Marital status


Who Is Gyan Gaming

Gyan Gaming, a prominent YouTuber renowned for its expertise in Free Fire, operates a dedicated YouTube channel where it regularly shares content related to the game. With a strong presence in the gaming community, Gyan Gaming’s YouTube channel, named “Gyan Gaming,” boasts a massive following of over 16 million subscribers. Hailing from Kolkata, West Bengal, Gyan has garnered immense popularity for its engaging gameplay and informative videos, and it has consistently earned high praise and numerous likes from its audience.

In addition to its main channel, Ankit expands its content creation efforts across multiple platforms. They also manage another YouTube channel titled “GyanSujan is Live,” which boasts an impressive subscriber count exceeding 1.35 million. Furthermore, Gyan Gaming extends its reach with yet another successful channel called “Sniper Lord,” which has amassed a subscriber base of over 2.23 million. Through his diverse channels, Ankit continues to gain audiences worldwide with their passion for gaming and dedication to delivering top-quality content.

Gyan Gaming Career

gyan gaming career  

Gyan Gaming’s journey in the gaming industry has been marked by innovation, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. As one of the leading figures in the Indian gaming community, Gyan Gaming has made significant strides in establishing a thriving career as a content creator and influencer. This section delves into the key milestones, achievements, and contributions that have shaped his career.

Early Beginnings

Ankit Sujan started his YouTube channel, Gyan Gaming, focusing on gameplay and commentary. His early content included various mobile games, but he eventually found his niche with Garena Free Fire, a popular battle royale game.

Rise to Fame

Gyan Gaming gained popularity due to Ankit’s engaging personality, impressive gaming skills, and consistent content output. His ability to connect with the audience through live streams and interactive sessions significantly built a loyal fanbase. The channel saw a rapid increase in subscribers as Free Fire’s popularity soared in India.

Content Strategy

The channel’s content includes live streams, gameplay videos, tips and tricks, challenges, and collaborations with popular gamers and streamers. Ankit’s strategic approach to content creation, including timely uploads and relevant gaming trends, has kept the channel fresh and engaging.

Gyan Gaming’s Uid and Free Fire Stats

Gyan Gaming’s free fire ID is 70393167. The renowned YouTuber has showcased impressive skills in Clash Squad matches, having participated in 4643 matches. An astounding 2872 of these matches ended in victory, boasting an amazing win rate of 43.62%. Throughout his Clash Squad career, Gyan Gaming has accumulated an impressive tally of 19100 kills, resulting in a commendable KDA (Kill/Death/Assist) ratio of 1.52.

Team Games

Gyan Gaming has demonstrated exceptional prowess in team games, having competed in 21228 matches. With a remarkable 7352 headshot rate, he maintains an impressive win percentage of 31.98%. Furthermore, his K/D ratio is 6.03, and he has an impressive tally of 8360 kills in this mode.

Duo Matches

Venturing into dual matches, Ankit sujan has showcased his prowess with 2266 appearances and 516 triumphs. He has displayed formidable precision with an exceptional headshot rate of 43.07%. Additionally, his performance is highlighted by an impressive K/D ratio of 3.56, accompanied by a notable tally of 6229 frags.

Solo Games

In the solo arena, Ankit has exhibited his skills across 1500 matches, emerging victorious in 162 encounters. With a commendable headshot rate of 32.06%, he demonstrates precision and accuracy. Moreover, his performance is underscored by a K/D ratio of 1.84, supported by an impressive 2464 kills.

Gyan Gaming Control and Sensitive Settings

Sensitive Settings



Red Dot


2x Scope


4x Scope


AWM Scope


Free Look


Control Setting

Aim Precision


Quick Reload


Left Fire Button


Vehicle Controls

Two handed

Quick Weapon Switch


In-Game Tips


Auto-Switch Gun


Gyan Gaming Net Worth & Monthly Income

gyan gaming net worth  

Ankit sujan is more than just a video game player; he also creates other types of media and makes a lot of money doing this. Gyan Gaming’s YouTube channel alone makes him between six thousand nine hundred dollars ($6.9K) and a hundred and ten thousand dollars ($110K) every month. His annual income ranges from eighty-two thousand five hundred ($82.5K) to one point three million ($1.3M) dollars. This sizable salary indicates his fame in that area and shows how well he can make money through his work, thus creating room for the most lucrative opportunities.

Gyan Gaming’s Accident and Recovery

In April 2024, Gyan Gaming faced a life-altering event. The incident marked a turning point in his life as he tragically lost a leg in an accident. Subsequently, he found himself in the hospital, embarking on a journey of recovery that would test his resilience and determination.

Ankit Sujan made amazing progress with his recuperation from the first week of May. Despite some motions for which he needs physical help, his internal power passionately faces the future. Through the encouragement and goodwill of neighboring YouTubers, loyal fans, and others in his society, Gyan feels comfort through their messages filled with hope for him.

Even though he undergoes challenges, Ankit perseveres in returning to his love. With each day that comes, he moves closer to reclaiming his selfhood while waiting for the moment in the future when he will be able to entertain his fans through those well-known Free Fire livestreams.

Happy news is that he is recovering well and Ankit is back to Kolkata from the hospital on may 25.


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Frequently Asked Question on Gyan Gaming


Where is Gyan Gaming from?

Ankit sujan hails from Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

What happened to Gyan Gaming’s leg?

In April 2024, Gyan Gaming was involved in a life-altering accident where he tragically lost a leg. Despite this setback, he has shown remarkable resilience in his recovery journey.

When will Gyan Gaming return to streaming?

While there is no specific timeline for his return, Ankit is eager to resume entertaining his audience with Free Fire live streams as soon as he is able. His fans eagerly await his comeback.

How many subscribers does Gyan Gaming have?

As of May 2024, he has over 16 million subscribers on YouTube.

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