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Jinnytty, also known as Yoo, has skyrocketed to fame with her captivating IRL Twitch livestreams. Born on July 28, 1992, this talented content creator has amassed an impressive following of over 450,000. Hailing all the way from Korea, Yoo enchants her audience with a dynamic blend of gaming, lifestyle content, thrilling adventure vlogs, and jaw-dropping song covers. Her undeniable talent and irresistible charm have propelled her to the pinnacle of social media stardom, leaving an indelible mark on her fans and followers around the world. Get ready to be spellbound by her sensational journey!

Jinnytty; Journey:

Yoo resided and studied in the United States for six years, graduating from Yonsei University in South Korea. In June 2017, she ventured into live streaming on Twitch, primarily engaging with Hearthstone gameplay and professional player matches while occasionally watching teaching videos. As her popularity grew, Yoo began tailoring her content to captivate and interact with her Taiwanese audience more effectively.

In March 2018, she embarked on a journey to Taiwan, where she hosted a fan meeting. Towards the end of 2019, Yoo expanded her target audience to include European and American viewers, also making trips to the United States. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, she stayed at EsfandTV’s residence, an American streamer, for several months, collaborating on streams from time to time. From 2020 to 2022, Yoo continued her travels, streaming from Korea, Europe, and the United States.

Jinnytty Real Name, twitter,Age, Boyfriend, Family, Wiki, Biography:

jinnytty twitter
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Personal information:  
Name Yoo Yoonjin   (Korean: 유윤진,Chinese: 企鵝妹)
Born July 28, 1992 (age 31As of 2023)
South Korea
Birth Sign  Leo
Nationality  American
Other names  윰찌니JinnyPenguin Sister72 Mei
Education Yonsei University
Physical Stats  
Height in Feet  5feet 5inches
Weight in kg 55kg
Height in Meter 1.65m
Weight in lbs 121 lbs
Shoe size (US)  8
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color  Black
Occupation  Twitch streamer
Organization Team SoloMid
Website jinnytty.com
Twitch information  
Channel Jinnytty
Years active 2017–present
Genres Video gamingIRL
Followers 974,000
YouTube information  
Channel Jinnytty 企鵝妹 윰찌
Total views 37 million
Music videos Tier 4 – “Bang Bang”[Artists:Jinnytty, HAchubby, Yunicorn, Yuggie_TV]
Awards and nominations 2022-23:The Streamer Awards:Best IRL Streamer:Nominated
Social Profiles  
insta yyj0728
Linktr https://linktr.ee/jinnytty
Twitch twitch.tv/jinnytty
Discord discord.gg/jinnytty
Tiktok tiktok.com/@jinnytty0728
Patreon patreon.com/jinnytty
jinnytty twitter  twitter.com/Jinnytty1
Youtube innytty

Facts about Jinnytty:

1. She primarily live streams on Saturdays, from 3 AM to 3 PM PST, streaming for approximately thirteen hours.

2. She possesses fluency in multiple languages, including Korean, English, and Chinese.

3. She maintains a high level of activity on her Reddit account.

4. By 2023, it is anticipated that her net worth will amount to approximately $200k.

5. She is an aspiring Twitch Streamer who has been steadily climbing the ranks on Twitch’s chart of popularity.

6. She has Slightly under 9 Lakh Twitch followers and over 360k Subscribers on YouTube.

7. Jinnytty’s zodiac sign is leo

8. As of 2024 jinnytty is 32 year old

9. She got banned 3 days from twitch on october 20, 2020

10. She first started as a hearthstone streamer.

11. She won best irl stream award in 2024.

Who is Jinnytty’s Boyfriend?

Brad, known for his humorous personality, is frequently featured in her exciting vlogs. In December 2021, the Twitch star uploaded a video on YouTube titled “My boyfriend saved me.” During their vacation in the Bahamas, the couple enjoyed swimming on the beach. While swimming, she felt uneasy, and Brad was quick to rescue her from drowning. They are a popular couple and have embarked on various tours together, with fans using hashtags and cute captions on social media.

jinnytty Wiki Biography
Credits : TalkEsport


Through her highly entertaining and relatable content, she has skillfully carved a distinct and captivating niche for herself in the vast digital landscape. With her ability to connect with millions of fans on a deep level, she has not only entertained but also inspired countless individuals. As her remarkable career progresses, there is no doubt that she will continue to solidify her position as a highly prominent and influential figure in the online world, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of her ever-growing fan base.

Jinnytty’s popular streamed event

Yoo, also known as Jinnytty, her most popular and most viewed stream until now is Waddlethon. She walked around 1000 kilometers in the entire country of Taiwan. This streaming helped him to get over 100k followers and 6m hours watched. She even achieved a record of more than 26,000 concurrent viewers. During Jinny’s Waddlethon on April 24, 2023, she was followed by a mysterious person for about 4 hours. The police were called, and the person was sent to a mental health institution.

Watch this video to learn more about Jinnitty’s personal life.


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What Makes Jinnytty So Popular?

She gained prominence on Twitch, captivating audiences with her video content and live streams revolving around gaming and lifestyle. Her claim to fame lies in her captivating adventure vlogs and mesmerizing song covers.


What Is The Peak Number of viewers Jinnytty Has Ever Had On Twitch?

she achieved a remarkable milestone on Twitch, reaching an all-time peak of 27,363 viewers on May 01, 2023. Her captivating content continues to captivate and engage a substantial audience.


Which Twitch Rank Does Jinnytty Hold?

As of 2023, she has achieved an impressive ranking of #98 on Twitch.


Curious About Jinnytty’s Twitch Stream Hours?

Over the past 30 days, she has streamed on Twitch for 214 hours and 20 minutes, averaging around 9 and 44 minutes daily.


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