Snax Gaming – Real Name, Age, Height, BGMI ID and Net Worth

Snax Gaming, his real name is Raj Varma; he is a professional gamer, streamer, and content creator from India. He is famous for his excellent sniping skills and intelligent gameplay. Snax has become well-known among gaming fans and has a large following on YouTube. He inspires many people with his dedication to esports. Known for his strategic thinking and fun streams, Snax has made a big impact in the Indian gaming world. This article will discuss Snax Gaming’s real name, height, age, and girlfriend, as well as how he became one of the best gamers in India and a content creator.

Snax Gaming Real Name and Biography

Real name

Raj varma

Nick name

Snax gaming

Date of birth

1999, december 6


24 (as of 2024)

Place of birth

Hyderabad, india


Professional Gamer, Streamer, Content Creator





Marital status


Snax Gaming Height, Weight, Physical Stats

Raj Varma, also known as Snax Gaming, is about 6 feet 2 inches tall, making him stand out both in the gaming world and in person. He weighs around 70 kilograms and has a fit and slim body. With his bold black eyes and hair, He has a striking appearance that grabs the attention of his fans and followers.


6.2 (1.87m)


70 kg

Eye color


Hair color


Skin color




Snax Gaming’s Career

snax gaming playing a mobile game  

Snax started making videos on YouTube in October 2019. At first, he taught people how to play PUBG Mobile better. Later, he showed his own game videos and played in live tournaments. Before that, he played in many tournaments with Team XO, which helped him get better at gaming.

Now, Snax has 1.8 million people who subscribe to his channel. He has made 847 videos by June 2024. He makes different kinds of videos like vlogs about his daily life, videos of him playing games, and reacting to funny stuff from the internet. Snax also works with other YouTubers like Kaash Plays, Goldy, and Paayal Gaming. They make videos together about trying new foods and other fun things.

In addition to YouTube, Snax is known as one of the best players of BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India). He has been part of big gaming groups like MegaX, MegaStars, Team IND, Velocity Gaming, and Team XO.

Snax Gaming’s Achievements

  • He won a big tournament called the Skyesports Grand Slam: PUBGM Invitational with his friends from Team IND.
  • He also won the Skyesports Grand Slam 2022 and Upthrust Esports India Rising 2022 with his team from Team XO.
  • Snax joined the 8bit Creatives group and became part of S8UL. They won two big awards for their videos.

Snax is really good at gaming and making videos. He makes a lot of people happy and excited about games.

Snax Gaming Girlfriend, Affair and Family Details

Currently, Snax Gaming is single and not dating anyone, so he doesn’t have a girlfriend. His family details are unknown, but he has a sister named Simran Varma. However, information about his father and mother is not available. He is focused on his gaming and content creation career, and his family continues to support him.

Snax Gaming Bgmi ID and Gaming Details



Ign (In-Game Name)



Team xo

Team mate



Sniper, assaulter


Iphone 13 pro max

F/D Ratio


Bgmi id


Snax Gaming Control Code and Sensitive Settings

Snax’s Control Code

  • BGMI control code: 6974-6292-0638-3659-575
  • Sensitivity control code: 6983-8734-6621-3601-887

Snax Gaming Sensitivity

Camera Sensitivity

  • 3rd Person No scope: 55%
  • 1st Person No scope: 55%
  • Red dot, holographic, Aim assist: 30%
  • 2x scope: 30%
  • 3x scope, Win94: 11%
  • 4x scope, VSS: 10%
  • 6x scope: 7%
  • 8x scope: 7%

ADS Sensitivity

  • All scopes: 1%

Gyroscope Sensitivity

  • All scopes: Ranges from 90% to 300%

Snax Gaming Net Worth

a professional gamer and youtuber snax gaming sitting at his bike  

Snax is really good at playing games, and he makes a lot of money from it. Raj has a YouTube channel where he shows their gaming skills, and they can make anywhere between $112K to $671K. That’s a lot of money! In the last 7 days, they made about $1.58K, and in the previous 30 days, they made $13.1K.this is only his YouTube channel earnings.

Snax gaming total net worth is estimated to be between 8 to 10 crore rupees. His main income sources are from playing in eSports tournaments, ads on Google, and getting paid by companies to promote their products. He is doing really well in gaming and making a name for himself.

Sanx Gaming Social Media


1.8 M Followers

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Twitter (x)

29.2 k followers

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2.8 k followers

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56,120 members

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Snax Gaming’s Popular YouTube Videos

Learn Gyroscope Part- 1- with 2.9 million views and counting.


Improve Your Close Range Part 1 – Pubg Mobile – with 2.4 million views.


Some Lesser-Known Facts about Snax Gaming

  • Despite his busy gaming schedule, Snax Gaming loves to travel and explore new destinations.
  • He is a fitness freak who follows a disciplined workout routine and is dedicated to maintaining a healthy lifestyle outside gaming.
  • His favorite sport is cricket, and Virat Kohli is his favorite cricketer.

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Frequently Asked Question on Snax Gaming


Who is Raj Varma?

Raj Varma is the real name of Snax Gaming, a professional gamer, streamer, and content creator from India.


When is Snax Gaming’s birthday?

He was born on December 6, 1999.


What is Snax Gaming’s height?

Snax Gaming’s height is approximately 6 feet 2 inches, equal to 1.87 meters.


What is Snax Gaming’s real name?

His real name is Raj Varma.

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